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How can I reproduce colors from other parts of sequences?


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I have a pixel tree sequence I bought, and I'm wanting to apply the same colors from different parts of the sequence to my house and arches.
I don't have a problem when I do it with Morph Mode, because I can just click on that part of the morph in the sequence and the Color Bars will show me the Start and End of the Main & Tail.

It's when the part of the sequence is done in Scene Mode, that I have to keep playing around to match the colors the best I can.
Is there a way or shortcut that I can do where I can see the rgb blending of a color, or reproduce that color for me again to use without playing with color bar every time?



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Good question! And thanks for including the picture.


From the picture, it looks like you are dealing with an image. And since each pixel in an image can be a different color there is no way to the color of each pixel by looking at the color bars.


There is however, a way to find their color. Hover the mouse over a pixel and do Shift + left mouse click and the color bars will change to the color of that pixel.


There is a summary of commands in the help files that you can look at, you may find some other useful keyboard commands.


To find them do the following:

1) Launch SuperStar, click on the Help menu and select "Contents"

2) In the Help dialog box on the left side, expand "SuperStar Sequencer"

3) Click on "Summary of Commands and Keyboard Accelerators"

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