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Adding a fixture in Visualizer


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I purchased the 4 singing Christmas trees from Holidaycoro.com. They sent me a .JPG of the tree. I added the picture as a background in visualizer, drew in my lights (by channel) and I was able to play the sequence with music just fine.


However; I don't know how to export that entire prop (all 8 channels at once) into the visualizer? I have a visualizer already set up for my house so I can see where it would look best?.


The best I can do is export each fixture individually by selecting the fixture and going to the properties and choosing export Fixture file (8 separate fixtures) I dotn see a way to export the entire prop?



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Edit -> Create New Prop - Then add the 8 fixtures in the 'strings' section. Then export that Prop to a file, and import that into your current/existing Visualizer.

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There is a way to do it, if I remember correctly it is mention in the help section for the visualizer. But I think I had to open up all the fixtures on the right and turn them all into one "prop" then export into a file and then you can open it and paste it into the other visualizer. Sorry did it months ago

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I'm behind as usual, but got my 4 Holiday Coro trees going. Last year I used a template of some sort that allowed me to import the sequence into the LOR Visualizer to view the trees. I can't seem to locate it and want to work on some sequences for NEXT year. Does anybody have a file they'd like to "lend" or advise the easiest way to design the prop as I see here? 

Thanks so much in advance and Merrry Christmas to all in 2016!

Here's my first sequence I did last year. Tree only then I added my casa.



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