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LOR II Shimmer in the Animation window


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Working on a sequence and using the shimmer effect. I have the animation window open when playing. I know that the animation window has in the past had trouble displaying the shimmer effect.

When first started the animation would display the shimmer kind of like a flicker. Then it got to the point when the animation window would just be ON on the time for the shimmer effect. Now when the shimmer is play the animation window does not do anything with those pixels.

With a controller connected the lights are responding properly.

Is the a documented item with LOR II? Is there a work around to get the animation screen to once again show anything during the shimmer effect?


BTW. MY wife loves the beat wizard. Thanks! Dan

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Could you please PM me a copy of the sequence?

Does this happen consistently every time you play the sequence? At the same point? What point is that?

What's your hardware setup?


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