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A software bug in S3?


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I have a setup with 1 eLOR and 1 J1Sys ECG-2D to drive two DMX universes.  I only have one connected to lights so I can't tell yet what the other is doing.


My program is a red background with color bands chasing up and down the strips.  I have one section that when I run it "full sequence" one section of LEDs goes out as the chase passes over it.  On my monitor there is all solid color and I know the program is there.  When a chase bar comes back over that section, the LEDs turn on as they should... 


Here is the second part of this rub... when I just run "selection" over that part it doesn't happen.  Nothing different but those selections for playback.   This is about 10.5 seconds in.  I have even run it from the beginning with the "selection" and it runs fine. Just not in "full sequence".


So what is the difference?  I have spent a lot of time trying to figure this out and I am at the end of my rope... anyone??? 


Testing yields more info.. it is 100% repeatable.  It is not the hardware because it works fine for the rest of the entire show.. it is just this particular spot. 



"selection" does not do it if I select a short period of time. From 0-19 sec works ok.. 0-29 sec and it does it.

"From Selection" does it.

"To Selection" does not do it if I select a shorter duration like "selection".  Longer and it does it. 

"visible screen" does not do it I show 15 sec on the screen... if I show 20 sec on the screen it does it.

It is always in the same place and always 2 pixels worth of LEDs.   There are 4 strings of linear pixels, 36 per string.. it is happening in the same spot on each, so it must be something that copied.. But what would copy and paste that would work with selecting a short segment but not when selecting a longer segment? 

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I don't know what exactly the issue was but I found the lines that were causing the problem and deleted them and readded the effect back in manually.  Turns out is had something to do with the "fill" function.  It didn't fill with a solid color between two solid colors of the same value.  It did sort of gibberish about fading. Not sure why that shut down those pixels but it did.  No time to test further..

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