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C5 LED Strip Ideas?


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Newbie last year, so I guess this makes me a sophomore heading into this year's display?  Anyways, I went with C5 LED's for most of my display.  I dropped a series of 14 strings using 7 channels with a star above it to simulate a tree.  I'm using a 1&7, 2&6, 3&5, 4&4, 5&3, 6&2, 7&1 channel configuration for the strands.  In essence, what happens on one side of the tree is being duplicated on the other. If you look closely, you will also notice that the mini-trees run on the same 1-7 channels so I'm getting maximum bang for my buck & can run the whole show on a single 16 channel controller.  As you can see in the videos on my Facebook page the concept is good, but the strings lack a crispness to them that I would like to correct.  I want to use some sort of lightweight strip to align and hold the bulbs in a nice straight line and even spacing.  Since each drop consists of 2 strings, my plan is to alternate lamps from each string for the entire length of the drop.  Right now, it's just 2 strings zip tied together with lamps going off in every direction.  The strings being used are 17.5' long with 4" spacing between lamps.  I've tried to think of something plastic that might do the trick but have come up empty.  Metal and/or wood both seem like overkill and unsightly, so I'm reaching out to the collaborative masses of infinite knowledge here on the forum for help.  Sorry in advance if my description isn't too great.



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