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Using xlights/nutcracker123->LOR S3 for non-RGB


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Created a fresh new library of effects for my snowflakes using xLights/Nutcracker123. These elements aren't RGB so it took some data massaging after importing the sequence data into LOR.

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It's not too tricky, but a little tedious. However; you get a nice library of really cool effects that you can then copy/paste into musical sequences.


I'll do a video in the next couple days, but here are the steps.



1 - In xlights/Nutcracker you create a custom model with "RGB nodes" each pixel representing a channel in your display. Make sure the order of the channels is the same order as your track in LOR Sequence Editor.

- You would think you would want to use single color, but that will only give you one channel.

- When you use RGB nodes you get 3 channels and not 1, so there are steps below to compensate for this.

- Sean, if you're reading this a single channel, non-RGB pixel would save a couple steps and make xlights just as useful for non-RGB displays as it is for pixel displays. A non-RGB pixel would also be handy for programming things like flexstrips where you can control the pixel, but not its color.

2 - In xlights/Nutcracker create a new animation sequence and add whatever effects you like. Only use black and white on the palette. Anything that does not end up in the first channel of the RGB triple will not be used.

3 - In xlights/Nutcracker export the animation to a LAS file.

4 - In LOR sequence editor copy your track (the one you were referring to order for in step 1) and duplicate it.

5 - In the duplicated track add 2 bogus channels (not mapped to any device) after each real channel.

6 - Open the LAS file from xlights and then copy and paste the contents to your new track.

7 - BAM, you have a bunch of cool effects for very little work. Things that would be near impossible to do by hand.

- I noticed that a couple of the effects didn't come out the way I expected, but overall it worked very VERY well. 

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I believe you can create non rgb regular models .... Just not non rgb custom models. The regular models just don't look realistic But can be sequenced

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Here is a video showing how to use Nutcracker to make an effects library for LOR/non-RGB channels.



Used Nutcracker 3.4.5
Used Light-O-Rama S3 version v3.11.2 advanced
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