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Visualizer Fails after adding Pixel Tree


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The visualizer was working just fine till I added a 600 channel pixel tree. The tree went in without issue but when I went to exit the visualizer, I would get a pop up message from the OS stating that it stopped working, even though I had closed it normally. Then while in there trying to add a firestick with pixels, it gave me a message that it couldn't load the body of the prop. So I closed it again, same failed message pops up and now the visualizer won't start with another message that there were errors in the visualizer. I ended up replacing the LEE file with a backup from before adding the pixel tree and now its back to the normal. I don't think I got to the 1024 limit on props but so far, I don't find a way of seeing the number count.


I know enhancements are coming this year per LOR but it would sure be nice to get to start using them sooner than later and yes, I understand more than most that coding software is very time-consuming and many things have to be considered when programs become more complex. I've written a lot of super complex code myself, so I do have a clue.

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