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Parts We Are Creating For RGB Trees


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Hello All, 

I have been working with Walter Monkhouse on creating parts for a pixel tree so people who do not have access to tools to create their own tree. I created one with the square nodes. Here is a photo of it.


I made video of each step and you can view it at the following link.You can see more images too. 


We made a measuring tool so we could mark the spots where the pixel would go on the strapping material, this kept us from laying a tape measure down and marking each pixel. Here is an image showing how straight we got them. Jackie Mmonkhouse came up with the weave and it worked like a charm to keep the light facing outward.


The topper we made is a crank-up version and will be make a non crank-up version. It hold up to 48 strings. We are trying to come up with a few different types and need input. 




Here are the parts we created to attach to the 5/8" wide banding material








In the picture below, you see the anchor that screw into the ground to hold up to 1" grey pvc pipe. We had to use 16 of them for an 8' diameter tree. These are like shed anchors, the difference is that you can use a cordless drill to screw them in and then add the attachment to hold the pvc tree ring. This is for people that don't want to or have access to bending a metal ring. 






Please review what we have done and give us your input. We want to come up with a standard and know what other types of tree people will be building. 



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