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Hey all.  Our tree this year is a 12 string pixel tree.  It has 50 pixels per string, 600 pixels total.  Has anyone used SS for their own pixel tree?  If so, how did it look?  I am gathering information and ideas on whether I should stay with xLights/Nutcracker (limited effects) or purchase the upgrade for SS (virtually unlimited effects).  I am just curious if the effects will look as good on a pixel tree as they do on a CCR tree.



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Watch my videos on my site. Address is in my signature below. Everything was done in Superstar except the spirals. Nutcracker does effects at the element level. Superstar does effects to the single pixel level. In other words, if you so desire, you can make each pixel a different color in Superstar.



I will add, It takes a lot longer to create a sequence in Superstar than in Nutcracker. That said, if you want pixel level control, then I recommend Superstar. If you just want effects on a bigger, quicker scale, then Nutcracker will fit the bill. Remember though, in Nutcracker, you have to build each prop. the pre-built props are easy, but if you want to create all of your pixels there, it takes awhile.


I still prefer Superstar though.

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Great videos, thanks Ron.  I was hoping to use Nutcracker to sequence the house and SS for the pixel tree.  I just didn't know if the pixels would look as good or better than CCR on the tree.  Now I know!  Thanks again Ron.

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Ron, have you ever purchased a pre-made SS Sequence and had to convert it to fit non-LOR pixels?  I'm wondering what that conversion effort looks like if I purchased SS.


Thanks Steve

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I had to convert 12 Leg sequences to 16 leg and then usually have to move star effects. A DMX Pixel tree star does not fall in where a SS CCR tree star is. It's quite simple to do though. Most sequences that are sold by several different folks and including Brian, the star effects are most likely at the top of the effects.


To move them to wherever your star is goes like this:

in my case, my Legs are on the left and star is on row 17. Usually, the effects will be on the top-most 6 boxes of column 16. To move it to column 17:


Select the effects, (you can do this all the way through the sequence if you like, but I like to do what I can see)

Select "Group Modify"

Select "Move End Points"

Select "Right" for 1 column and then select "OK"


Now the effects fall into column 17 where my star channels are located.


Hope this helps.

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