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Newbie here!


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Hello everyone, I just thought I would pop in and introduce myself, I wanted to do this last year but time got away from me and now I'm focused on Halloween and Christmas.


I purchased the starter pack form LOR and then went crazy on the spring sales ordering 2 RGB CCR's and 6 more controllers. I'm building up my supply of lights and extension cords and trying to plan accordingly. I have purchased a few ready made sequences and got the bug even worse after I saw the lights in action,


Since I am new and want a couple Christian songs turned into sequences; is there a person people use to create sequences when they don't have the time to do it themselves.


Any help/feedback would be appreciated!


Thanks, the help on this forum has been terrific!



Corona, CA

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I wish I had known about you as I was just out there last week. You should know that WowLights is right there in Chino Hills although they don't have a formal store but shipping is nearly instant for you. I will be driving back out there the middle of next month should you need some assistance or advice but with the understanding, I'm still very much a newbie myself even though this will be my 3rd year. As Max-Paul mentioned, the Newbies section is full of good advice. Being you've been a member for a little while, I'm guessing you've been browsing in there a lot already. Anyway, congrats and welcome to the madness!

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Yes I have contacted WOW lights, I spoke to Mike and he said they were looking into opening a storefront in the future. However; when I purchased my starter package it was cheaper to go through light o rama and not have to pay the sales tax,  I tried to see if I could pick up my order at WOW but I couldn't so it leads me to believe they don't stock anything it just gets drop shipped from light o rama?

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