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SS not morphing according to channel #'s


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Hey all.  I finally got the RGB Studio to create props that I could edit in the viz.  I made them in multiple parts, well short of the 64 fixture limit.

Now that I have that done, my viz doesn't morph right in SS.  Everything on my house is sequenced (channel order) from right to left.  The straight line is my eve icicles and the rest are doors and windows.  Each door window starts in the bottom right corner and runs counter-clockwise around the door/window.  However, when I do a morph in SS, it does not flow that way.  I included a link to a video of what it is doing and the morph settings.  Is it a morph setting causing it or do I need to reorder everything in the viz (hopefully not, it took all stinking day).








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SuperStar tries to find rows of lights and places each row in a row on the green sequencing grid. It keeps the lights within a prop in groups.


To get full control of how it places things in rows you should use the "Import Visualization Pair" feature. To use the feature you need to make a "row" visualization and a "real" visualization. In the "row" visualization arrange your props and fixtures in rows the way you want them to appear in the sequencing grid in superstar. Note that when looking for rows, superstar uses the center of a props as its location. When saving the file in the visualizer you can use any name, but for the sake of keeping things organized name it something like "myAwesomeDisplay_row.lee"


In the "real" visualization arrange things the way they actually appear in your display. Save this file with a name like "myAwesomeDisplay_real.lee"


Launch SuperStar and click on the File menu and select "Import Visualization Pair". In the dialog box that appears set the "row" visualization and the "real" visualization and at the bottom is a place to select which one you want to see while you are sequencing.


This should allow you to arrange the props and fixtures the way you want on the sequencing grid. But it fixtures that are within Props may still not be in the order that you want. SuperStar will generally try to arrange the fixtures from left to right which may not be what you want. If the fixtures in a prop are not being displayed the way you want, add the keywords "superstar myorder" in the comment line of the prop in the visualizer. Then SuperStar will arrange the fixtures within the prop in the same order as you added them to the prop.


Try the above and let me know how it goes. If you can't get it to work the way you want email your "row" visualization and your "real" visualization to brian@superstarlights.com and I will take a look at it.

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