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During the mad grab sale i bought a 16 channel controller and 8 rbg flood lights and controllers. I put the controllers together a couple of weeks ago and did not have a chance to actually see if they worked. Today after finishing my first sequence with the help of several people I was finally able to plug both controllers in with random lights and the floods plugged in. I was very happy to see everything working as it was supposed. I cannot wait to put my lights up, now it’s on to making 4 or 5 more sequences and finishing my decorations. If i ever figure out how you guys post videos of your visualizer I’ll post mine. 


So the madness begins :-)

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Have fun i am starting my amazing adventure in this blinky light hobby i am working on some props now.... I think i might have gotten alittle over my head starting my first year with 4 controllers but o well advil has been my friend   :blink:  :P

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First year newbie here also.  Ordered all my spt wire, vamp plugs, retro fit C9 LEDs and Led full wave strings.  All received  Working on sequencing now.  This is a year long project and I am loving my new hobby.  Good Luck with your endeavors!

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