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Anyone using slip rings to have lights twirl?


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I have this idea to take a hollisphere, attach it to a rotisserrie motor at the top, and connect the electricity for the lights through a slip ring at the bottom.

You may also know slip rings as rotary electrical interfaces, rotating electrical connectors, collectors, swivels, or electrical rotary joints.

Has anyone done this with any success?

If so what slip ring did you use?

How did you protect it from weather?

What other gotchas came up in the process?



My thought on options:

For standard dumb, 110v LEDs it would take a two terminal slip ring.


RGB would take a three terminal slip ring, terminal1 for pos, terminal2 for neg,  terminal3 for data.


I talked to a slip ring company and they said their data would only be 10mb.  I'm not a strong computer guy, but would that be fas enough?


Looking for your thoughts and insight.


Joel Dearing



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I have used Dynapac Rotators at work.  They can be pricy but their website might give you some ideas on how it is done.  This is a good price on a used rotator that will pass video signals:   http://www.dynapacrotating.com/store/product/137_155001+F21VID+USED+%28U1002%29_Used_IV-400_Video_Signal_Rotator

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