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War Memorial 4th July

Roger Leon Forbes

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I have been ask to put together a display for the 4th July at our local War Memorial.  I have no major problem with the lights, LEDs or LOR units and have order one of the HolidayCoro Flags or is someone has a good flag design.  My problem is the sequences and what music to use.  I am very slow when it comes to sequencing and really need some help.  If anyone has something I might be able to use please email me here or at rogerleonforbes@embarqmail.com.  I know this is short notice but don't we all do our best work under pressure.  Thanks Roger Leon Forbes

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Roger, How many sequences are you looking for? I can help you out with a couple if you are in need.



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Sorry for not getting back on been working on this. THANK YOU for the emails and every thing helps. Been building the flag and other things to make this happen. As for how many I need, anything and all would be great. Thanks again folks. roger

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