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Can somebody give me their plans on building a marty fan frame how you built it and with what you used for materials thanks

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Although not as solid as the one Brian made I made one of of PVC that was fast, cheap and lasts quite a while (I still use)

Here it is on YT

At the end of that season i made it larger and I did something a little different in the middle at the bottom that made it a bit better, I could show you if you're interested


You can't beat following what Brian did, but it you don't have access to welding, PVC may be an option

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No Plans per se for mine, but I have some close up pics if interested. I made mine out of bent EMT, angle iron and 1/4" rod.I felt the lights would sag over time, so I welded mine instead of using PVC. I made 2 halves that bolt together. The lights are attached to the 1/4" rod just like a wireframe with clips.

If interested in precision bending of EMT, I have a How-To on my website.

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