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Help deciphering a wiring schematic?


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I have a wiper motor from a 01 Toyota Carolla with no plug. I found the wiring schematic online but can't quite make it out. Here is the wiring diagram and the plug with the pin #s. Also, here is a link to the entire thing. This was on page 55.


6 is clearly the ground.  I "think" 2 & 3 are the high/low + leads and 4 & 5 are park or intermediate?  Can anyone help?





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Dan Ancona is your go-to guy for anything wiper motor related. Certainly, he's boosted a Toyota wiper motor somewhere along the way.

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Everything you need to know is in this video:


Looking at your diagram, the bottom wire is ground.

The two wires from the top left are the high and low speeds. Apply 12v between ground and one of them, and you can get the motor to move.


To get the motor to park, connect the low speed wire to the 4th wire (from the left) and +12v to the 3rd. The current will then flow from +12v into the 3rd wire, through the internal switch out the 4th wire, and then to the low-speed wire where you connected it. When the motor gets to the park position, the internal switch will disconnect the +12v from the 3rd wire, and ground the motor through the 4th wire, which will make it stop quicker.

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