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Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place. But I think I'm done with LOR. Nothing bad on them. It's for personal reasons. So I'm selling all pieces of my desplay. I have the following up for sale.

  • 10 V1 PC controllers
  • 10 V2 PC Controllers
  • 1 V3 PC Controller
  • 1 Full 1000' roll of SPT1 Green Wire
  • 1 500' roll of SPT1 Green Wire
  • 500 SPT1 Male slide plugs
  • 500 SPT1 Female slide plugs
  • Tons of extension cords (orange)
  • Tons of Cat5 Wire
  • Tons of home made extension cords (SPT1)
  • Mega Tree Parts
  • And a lot more.

Not sure how to start listing it or how to price/sell it. But anyone interested please let me know. I'll execpt Paypal payments and ship only to the continental us. Buyer pays all shipping cost.


PM me if interested!

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And everyone thought I would just sit back and watch the big show...popcorn munching.


For all the newbies, do a little research before buying anything on line from any members including me. just an FYI.

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Thanks to all who asked about the stuff for sale. At this time everything has been sold. If I find more in the next week or two, I'll repost for others to see.


At this time we are no longer doing our display. We lost over $700 in decorations by the hands of a neighbor. Even with CCTV fottage showing him causing the damage. The lawsuit aganist my neighbor was dismissed becuase the judge "felt it was not done intentional". Now the neighbor knows he will not get into trouble for damaging my display. I cannot afford to repair everything he feels the need to damage things. Thanks to all who help me grow my display over the years...

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