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Which Software for Dumb Lights?

Joe T

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I bought the CMB24 with 8 dumb light strips in the Mad Grab sale.

I already use S3 to program regular lights and Super Star for my Cosmic Color Ribbons.  I then import the Super Star into the S3.


I'm not sure how to program the dumb strips.  I've looked for tutorials, and read as many of related forum posts as I could find.  Is there a video to watch somewhere I am missing? Do I just convert 8 channels in the S3 software to RGB and program them like other regular channels?  If I don't get started soon, I'll be panicking as Christmas gets closer.



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You're close. Each RGB strip takes 3 channels so 8 strips is 24 channel. Convert that to 8 RGB channels and program normally.

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Open the sequence editor.

Open a sequence.

Right click on a channel button.

Click on add device.  above or below doesn't matter

Select the CMB24D device and click in the "8 RGB channels" selection.

Click OK

Start programming


Lots of help programming RGB can be found at the top of this screen under "Video Tutorials"



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For dumb strips and any other RGB lights or elements I use the color fade tool.

I do combine 3 channels into 1 RGB channel first though.

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