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96 channel sequence help?


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I really want to surprise my finace this year by sequencing a few songs to add to our light show. I did sequence 2 songs for him last year but we only had 64 channels... 96 channels is really overwhelming me!!! So if anyone has any songs they wouldn't mind sharing I would greatly appreciate it!!! the 2 songs I was trying to do were Ray Stevens "Bad little boy" and Kimberly Locke "jingle bells" but any songs would be appreciated!!! my email is leighsmart38901@yahoo.com



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One trick I use for large channel counts is nothing more than a mental one.


Don't think of it has 96 channels. Think of it as X number of objects in the yard that go together. For example, if there are 16 mini trees with 4 different colors don't think of it as 64 channels. Simply think of it as "16" trees that can be different colors.


In my opinion once you remove the, "OMG That's a lot of channels!" thinking, then you're one step closer to programming it with ease.

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