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I just ordered a new CTB16PC controller. Thought I would jump into this new hobby of mine by attempting to build a singing face. What I've read so far is to use coroplact (whatever that is) or pegboard. After this... I don't have this slightest clue. Should I use LED's or lights? What size? Can you modify the length? Etc.? Anything you can tell me I would appreciate!


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See this post. http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/31039-looking-for-singing-faces/

My faces, pictured in my avatar, are built by Doug of wireframe dlites as mentioned in the post. I use 3/8 inch rope light. It takes 3 controllers for my 4 faces.

I have 4 new Christmas faces coming from Doug and will again use rope light to outline them. The new faces will slide into the Halloween faces location in December.

Good luck,


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