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Light Up Ohio Attendees-PLEASE READ

Bill Hoffman

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Over the years Light Up Ohio has become one of the "Premier" Mini Holiday Lighting Events.  Why do we call them "Mini"?  Back in 2003, Chuck Smith had his first annual PLUS, which was a major breakthrough in the Holiday Lighting World.  After that, people from all over the world, started having their own individual Lighting Enthusiast events.  Out of respect for the much bigger PLUS, we started calling these smaller get-togethers "PLUS Mini's", and later simply "Mini's".

     Light Up Ohio has always prided itself in putting on a quality "Mini", and has been very successful in keeping costs down, and passing the savings on to the attendees.  We have always, and always will be, about bringing fellow decorators together, to share ideas and to teach about our passion.  We usually charge a small fee to attend and the fee covers expenses incurred like facility rental, food, t-shirts, drinks, eating utensils, etc.  In the past years, we never had a deadline for payment of the facility, so we had the luxury of accepting registration fees clear up to the start of the event.  "This year is different".  We have a deadline to pay for the facility up front.  So, if you are planning to come to Light Up Ohio, we are asking you to please register "NOW".  We only have until April 15th to pay for the facility, and we need your registration payment to do that.

     This is "YOUR" event, and we are confident that everyone will come together to make 2014 the most successful year ever.  I hope to see you on May 16-17. 



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