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Can't install LOR II


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Just dl'd LOR II and started to install. Got an error message that I couldn't install because I don't have full version.
I have full version, purchased from LOR about year and half ago (ver 1.5. on CD)
Upgraded to 1.6.1.
Alas, any suggestions?

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One possibility:

Make sure that you run the updater from the directory that your LOR I is installed in. Typically, this is "C:Program FilesLight-O-Rama".

So, copy the updater to that directory, and run it from there.

If this doesn't help, the error message box that you get should list (at the bottom) a "reason code". Please let us know what it is.


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Have install issues also,

Here's my system : XP PRO X64 SP2, Media player 11.0

When I installed LOR 1.6.3 it went into the program files (x64) folder. So initialy the 2.0 installer could not find LOR 1.6.x

I then un-installed LOR 1.6.3, & re-installed into normal program file folder. Then installed 2.0. During the 2.0 install it came up and wanted to place the programs into the X64 folder as the default. I changed the folder to go to the non-x64 folder, but it installed into the x64 anyway, leaving both version on my system. LOR 2 would open up, but now all sequences get the error - "Can't find media file"/ I tried re-selecting from the edit-media file option, but always get the same message.

Working -

I install 1.6.3 in the x64 folder. then 2.0 in the same folder, but I put a copy in the program files flolder which gets me past the -2 error. Also had all my lor media in c:Light-O-RamaAudio folder, once I moved to tp c:Program Files(x64)Light-O-RamaAudio Then everything starting working.

Hope this helps others.

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Got it resolved, but another issue popped up.

Went in to control panel and un-installed everything LOR. Re-installed 1.5 from CD.
Ran the program. Exited, and then installed LOR II upgrade only. (Did not install 1.6.1 upgrade)
Everything installed OK, but now can not get LOR II to play my media files (mp3's), while in sequence editor.

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Resolved the issue of music (MP3'S) not playing, with sequence.
Made a seperate folder audio2 and sequence2, in my LOR folder, and copied all my music and sequences's into those folders.
Went in to edit and media file and selected my music from audio2. Played fine

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Had the same issues, also resolved the upgrade by uninstalling everything, deleting the C:Program FilesLight-O-Rama directory, resintalling from original CD, running the LORPostInstall.exe, then running 2.0 upgrade.

Also ran into the problem of not playing sequences because it couldn't find the music file even though the path displayed in the error was the correct path. Copied the MP3s into the default "Audio" folder, updated the squence to the new path and it works. Won't work if I change it back to the old path.

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