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Jersey EPIC date announced

Dan Ancona

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Just registered for my buddy and myself, looking forward to the event!

Great!!  Will be nice to see some new faces!!!

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As those of you that have attended the event in the past know, our mini is a very relaxed atmosphere. While we do have some speakers who will talk on a variety of topics, a good part of the event is geared to simply getting together and sharing ideas. You are encouraged to bring along your latest element you are proud of, your elements that you may need some help on, electronics that you built and those that just don’t seem to work right.

There is no set agenda, but rather a list of topics we would like to discuss. This year, topics that are on the list include:

How do I get my LOR system to work with my DMX projects?

Can a Raspberry Pi run my show?

Highlights of the “Israeli” board.

680x operation.

Pixel set up (including power injection)

1.31 set ups

Nutcracker – how to get started and advanced projects


Don’t forget to bring you unwanted items as there is generally a swap meet.

We really hope you plan on attending this year. Ask those how have attended, it really is a great day.

See you there!!!

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Just a side note, not just a Christmas gathering, feel free to bring along props and ask questions about other holidays like Halloween that this type of hardware/software crosses over too.

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Hey guys, Do people bring items to sell?  I noticed a pic on site of cases of blue LED lights, since this is my first EPIC gathering I am very curious to know what happens during these events besides the demos.

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There is always someone selling and someone buying something at these events.  Bring your no longer needed stuff or bring your wallet!!  :)

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Heads Up!!

Only a few days left for the discount registration at the host hotel!!

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It's getting close........EPIC date is right around the corner. Take the day off from the lawn and stop in for a day of relaxing and talking lights all day!!

Thanks to some of our sponsors who have donated door prizes for this year's event!!






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Saturday, June 21st

Street address is 12 Cohee Circle, Wilmington, DE 19803.

Start time will be around 10AM. We will be outside, so dress comfortably. The event will go until, well, whenever everyone gets tired of talking lights and controllers. Lunch will be served mid afternoon and later we'll have something for those sticking around diner time.

As I have noted prior, the agenda is really an open forum. If there is something you really need help on, or a certain controller / software you would like to see, post it up! We have some very knowledgeable people attending in various different subjects.

Looking to clean out that garage or basement with no longer needed things? Bring them along there may be someone looking for what you have. Bring your wallet too!! Just in case you see something you must have!!

Long term forecast looks very favorable!!

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Had a great time yesterday at the EPIC. Thanks to Dan, Steve and his wife Jen for organizing and hosting the event. It was really cool meeting new people and seeing others again. Thanks to Paul for bringing the yummy donuts, pastries, brownies and cupcakes from his bakery in VA. It was really cool learning things and sharing ideas that each other have come up with. It went well into the evening, I'm sure if there is one next year I'll return.


Thanks again,


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