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cutting strings of RGB lights......Is it possible


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Im planning on buying the cmb 24d  controller through light o rama and using the 12 volt rgb nodes through seasonal entertainment. I want to cut the nodes into sections and add extension wire but Im not sure how to do this.

  1. Do I just cut the wire with scissors or is there a certain tool that I need to use?
  2. Also when adding the extension wire what do I use to connect the rgb strings to the extension wire?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I use a wire stripper to cut the wire and then strip off insulation solder ext wire on and shrink wrap each wire and then also shrink wrap all 4 wires together

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I do the same as Dennis above. I separate the wires slightly before I cut them and try and create a slight stagger in the joints so that after you put the heat shrink on, you don't end up with a giant nub because all splices are at the exact location.  My thinking is that should I mess up somehow, there is less likelihood that a short will occur at the splice points if they are staggered.  I have used 4 conductor security wire from ebay and 4 conductor wire from China as extensions.  I think Holiday Coro has some wire on presale now. I would have added a link but I think my version of IE is causing problems creating links.  You can also go to places like Ray

 WU to get weatherproof 4 pin connectors.



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