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Pixel Tree Setup - Is It Possible ?

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Hello everyone ..

I am doing a 24 string x 50ct pixel tee and was wondering if it is feasible to configure the SS software.

Attached is a diagram of what someone suggested .... Have the input come from the bottom, loop it at the top and come back down beside it. ( keep getting error messages when trying to upload the diagram off my iPad ).

This would take up 11 ports on a E682 controller.

Is this feasible ?

I just don't want to get into programming a song only to find out it won't output Into the sequencer software properly.

Thank-you for your time !


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Open Superstar

Select "File-->Import Visualization"

Select "LOR-->Visualizations-->Editor-->Samples"

Select "24x25Tree_4RowGlobe.lee"

or        "24x25Tree_8RowGlobe.lee"


This is the tree that Brian developed for this type of pixel tree. The only change you need to make is your channel config.

Edited by Ron Boyd
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Double click on a string and select the "Wizards" tab. Then just run the Channel Wizard. If you're using CCP/Bs just name each CCP string as it's own Unit ID. If using DMX and non-LOR pixels, that's a whole different set of procedures. We'll need to go in depth on that one. Watch this https://vimeo.com/85309457 this is a video I did to help get this set up for using non-LOR pixels using DMX Keywords and CCRs. Once this is done though, the File will not work in the visualizer to your sequence. You'll need to use Dummy CCRs for the visualizer.

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Ron: Not trying to hijack this thread But after watching your vis. video I watched  your light display and I just gatta know what you used on your arches, are they the coro modules like in one of your other video cuz i think they really look sharp

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If there is any interest, I built our arches very similarly to what Ron did, but used strips inside pex tubing. Same basic concept. One strip made 2 arches.


Re-doing my arches to the same style, using strips. I'm using a much smaller PEX than the 1" from last year

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I have a question about using this file.   Will this allow you to use the supertext and scenes  features?       I too am just entering the world of CCPs and am building a 24 strand circular  by 25 pixel tall tree.   I just got my materials from the clearance sale and haven't had a chance to play much with the sequencing and it is a little intimidating at first.  I have done a lot of sequencing with the S3 sequence editor, but this is my first time working with RGB pixels.

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Look at this:

TSO Carol of the Bells (Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24) for 24x25 CCP Tree (8 Row Globe)




Text at the very beginning. Everything you van do with CCR or CCP/Bs, you can do on this tree. I'm doing one myself this year

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