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Crossover cable

John Emmerling

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When running dmx sometimes you need a crossover cable . Is there any time where you don't need the cable and how can you tell when you don't. Like when you run the 27 controler from holiday coro you use the crossover cable but can you run other dmx stuff from the dmx out from the board. Like the small smart pixel controler from holiday coro .

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Unless you are using E1.31 (ethernet connection on your computer) you will need a crossover cable or a dmx dongle to run DMX. I would only reccomend a dongle that is Enttec Pro compatible, (Holiday coro's Active dongle is compatable as well as others or the original Enttec Pro) There are a number of dongles available (small box that handles the communication and plugs into your USB port)  You can run LOR, Dmx (through a dongle and DMX through E1.31 (ethernet) at the same time.  controllers running E.131 do not require a dongle.

Check the Blog on Holiday Coro's site  ( www.holidaycoro.com ) for DMX how to as well as the one on www.seasonalentertainmentLLC.com for the tutorials on dmx.  The best site for this info is on Aus Christmas Lighting board ( http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php?board=28.0 )  the introduction to rgb lighting presentation is REALLY good info.  If you are not a member of this board you MUST sign up now.

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