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Hey Everyone,

I started this thread to see if there is anyone out there that's savvy in the use of MADRIX? I'm a newbie to the software and I'm having trouble get LOR to trigger the right bins in MADRIX. I've got LOR and MADRIX configured and the software communicates with one another but I'm not understanding what inputs to put into LOR. If anyone out there can give me a hand, I would appreciate it.


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Someone needs to explain to me how to compress a picture to smaller than a knat's butt to post on this forum so it can be seen and useful, because I can't figure it out.

If you understand Madrix, then you have to set up LOR to output your Madrix calls in a universe. Madrix has a DMX INPUT that you define in the Device Mgr. You really only need to set this input universe for "Simple 4 Channels" to correspond to this order:

LOR Channel Config:

Madrix Storage Unit - DMX Universe - Universe (x) Channel 1

Madrix Bin Number - DMX Universe - Universe (x) Channel 2

Madrix Cross Fade - DMX Universe - Universe (x) Channel 3 (in my case the lease used if at all)

Madrix Master Fade - DMX Universe - Universe (x) Channel 4

The LOR output universe number needs to match the Madrix input Universe number.

In my case I was driving 14 DMX Universes on my tree, so I made the above (x) Universe 15

If you send me an email, I can send corresponding pictures.

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I appreciate the info. It's starting to make a little more sense. I may not have LOR laid out correctly which is why it's not making full sense.

So here's what I have.

I have 32 LOR channels operating as usual.

This year I have added a mega tree. The mega tree is laid out with 20 strands of RGB. Totaling 7 universes with a star using universe 8.

In LOR I have one channel configured as DMX.

Under that channel it's configured for universe 1 channel 1 which controls the mega tree through Madrix.

From what I'm understanding:

LOR DMX channel determines the Madrix page

LOR DMX tool determines the Madrix bin on page

Is this correct?

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What are you using to control the RGB? Not relative to the conversation, just curious.

Brad Boyink had a great write up that I was trying to find the document and/or link, but I can find neither on my machine, nor the forums.

Madrix does not drive LOR, rather LOR drives Madrix.

Which is why you need the 4 channels I outlined above.

The only channel above that has minimal use, IMHO is the master cross fade, Ch3. I am still trying to figure that one out.

What has been discussed with Madrix V3 is to use a Storage Unit per song/sequence. Then program your bins with the different effects for that song. My suggestion here is to start in bin 100 so that you will see something in your bin channel within the LOR Sequence Editor. The issue I hate with LOR and programming DMX, is that if you have a value anything less than DMX value 50, you do not see anything in the SE.

If have effects in other songs you want to use, you can copy and paste effects from other songs to bins as needed. This way in every sequence, you put the corresponding DMX value for the Storage unit in the channel 1 outlined above from the beginning of the song to the end. That way, for that song it will always pull from that M3 Storage Unit.

Then the bin calls are wholly what you determined for that particular song. Those go into Channel 2 outlined above, and they are tied to the timing grid. It is here that you want the bin to be around 100 so you can "SEE" where you have Madrix calls.

The LOR DMX value in the SE, for any Madrix call is Madrix value -1. So if you are using Madrix Storage Bin 10, the DMX value in LOR is 9 for example.

Given The above the last Madrix LOR channel, channel 4 determines the intensity/fade. If it is "ON" then the DMX value is set to 255 for the duration of that effect. You can fade them down just like any LOR value.

Hopefully the above makes sense.

One last plug, is that at Christmas Expo this year in Biloxi, MS, on July 17-19, there will be a Madrix Immersion class, taught by Brad Boyink. The immersion class will be 6 hours of material and included in the cost of attending Expo, no added charge to attend any Immersion class.

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I'm using an E682 Sandevice controller to drive my pixels.

So I'm going to attempt to setup LOR as you described above. My take away from everything you stated above is any DMX display I drive through Madrix I need to have those 4 channels setup.

So for an example:

- Mega tree - I need the 4 channels described above

- Leaping Arches - I need the 4 channels described above using different DMX universe

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Not quite. You only need 4 channels period in LOR. Just the 4 channels I described above. Madrix will listen to those channels and react. In an IM, send my your email address and I will forward Brad Boyink's setup doc. He forwarded another copy to me.

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Not sure what the S3 Basic+ license is , the Basic controls 16 universes. The set up and execution is the same inside LOR no matter what license you have. The only difference is the Madrix version. S2 is slightly different inside LOR than S3.

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as i understand it you have to have an advanced licence to access the  E131 in  the LOR software to use madrix properly

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You need to have an advanced licence for DMX, then use it to define the universe usage for E1.31. E1.31 is DMX over ethernet. So there is no "E1.31" set up in LOR as such, only DMX universe assignment.

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