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Some facebook groups and forums about christmas


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these are the 11 facebook groups i belong to


Official xLights/Nutcracker. 218 members, (admin Sean meighan)


xLights/Nutcracker Support Group. 323 members, (admin lyman rate, barry deditch, jim saul)


Light-O-Rama users. 1653 members, (admin Luke Kamp)


Light o rama ideas/lights shows. 631 members, (admin Jordan Winton)


Introduction to RGB. 569 members, (admins jim saul, gary martin, jeffrey koehler, steve lelinski, christopher paglino, stacey marie,james lewis)


Advanced RGB and Pixels 101. 374 users, (admin Jeff Mcintyre)


Light Show Pro Users. 124 users, (admins brian flanders, tom langley)


Extreme Pixels and LEDs. 440 members, (admins chuck note, dan ancona)


The Blinky Lab. 149 members,  (admin zachary Stoltenberg)



Synchronized Christmas Lights. 275 members, (admins jim canfield jr, gary martin)


COS LightsUp. 20 members, (admin Kevin Pickett)





Someone asked where i post Nutcracker information.


well ..

these are the 12 forums i post to


first the ones that dont have a nutcracker section



and then forums where i have a dedicated nutcracker space


and planet christmas just gave me my own nutcracker/xlights space



and finally a new one, my forum dedicated to xlights and nutcracker


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