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DIY RGB Flood under $22


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I had found a great deal on some Vfloods my first year using LOR. I've always wanted more, but floods are expensive! I came up with this. They are only 1/3 to 1/2 the brightness of a Vflood. 

The Video isn't great quality (partially due to the half-wave lights), but I am somewhat pleased with how these look.

This is what I did.

1) I took 4 packages of store-brand mutli-colored 60 LEDs from target and swapped the LEDs to create a set each of Red, Green, Blue, Amber lights.
2) I painted the bulbs with Contact Cement
3) I cut 13 strips of light cardboard (like from a shoe box) to about 3 5/8" X 1"
4) I painted 11 of the cardboard strips with contact cement on both sides and 2 of the strips on one side
5) I cut the light sets into two segments each
6) I used the cardboard and the the light segments to create a block of LEDs (30 lights of each color -- 90 total)
7) I wired the block and mounted in a work light case (using a piece of white plastic table cloth as a diffuser).
8) I added Vampire plugs

Photos and parts list to follow. Edited by eurbani
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Parts list:

4 sets of store brand lights from target ($7.49 each before Christmas). I paid 50% off after Christmas. 4 sets gives you enough for 2 floods, plus a bonus set of Amber lights. === $7.94/flood (including tax)

1 work case from Home Depot === $10.57 (including tax)

4.5 feet SPT1 wire === about $.70

3 vampire Plus === about $1.50

Total ==== $20.71


Electric Tape

Contact Cement

White Plastic Table Cloth

Packing Tape



Wire Cutters

Phillips Head Screw Driver

Paint Brush

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Step 1 is self-explanatory. Steps 2 and 4 are all about contact cement. If you never used it before, it is great stuff. Paint the sockets and the cardboard with contact cement. They will be a bit tacky when dry, but when you press the two together, they stick nicely.




(Yum!  Looks like bacon.)

Edited by eurbani
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Use Photobucket or Dropbox and then just post the link

Yeah, I did it via facebook.

Step 6, is building the block of lights. -- First layer is strip of cardboard with one side contact cement, followed by 7 lights.



Cover the 7 lights with a strip of cardboard with both sides contact cement



Start a new layer of 8 lights.  


Continue until you have a block of 90 lights.

Edited by eurbani
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The block will look like this when done.




I wrapped mine with packing tape to keep the pressure on the contact cement.



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