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If I click on this link http://sandevices.com/documents/SanDevices_E6804_Assembly_Manual.pdf  I get and message that states : the file is damaged and could not be repaired.  Dose anyone have a copy, I would love to build my controllers. attachicon.gifUntitled0.jpg

I got the same error when I tried to see if I could d/l it and tried with both IE 11 and Google Chrome, same error results with both browsers.  


Have you tried contacting SanDevices Support via e-mail, phone, etc. to let them know the pdf is not downloading?    


I'm sure they would want to know so that it could be fixed.

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Try updating Adobe reader.

I have the latest version of the Adobe software.  Always keep it updated as soon as it asks, and even double checked that, stated I do have the most recent version.  So that's not it, at least not in my case when I attempted to see if I could download the file. 


And yes, even cleared out the browsers caches and everything else I could think of that would prevent it from downloading.   That's the only site I've had any issues downloading a pdf file.     Everywhere else I can download anything, including the pdf files just fine.


Not sure what else I could be missing that would prevent me from downloading it, although I don't have one yet, I've been looking at the SansDevices RGB hardware as that is what I am thinking of going with when or if I get into RGB items.


So I download manuals and other info so I can read about how it works before buying something I may not want or need, or deciding on whose product I want to go with.

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