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Setting up e1.31 with LOR


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Hey guys,


New to the LOR world.


I had my system up and running but my laptop crashed and i had to change over. I'm having issues getting LOR and the E682 to talk.


I am able to go to the web browser for the E682, tested the lights (reset to 0). But i cant remember how to do the rest. IP address for Laptop is and IP address for E682 is   Ive got the RS485 plugged in and properly installed. E682 is set to multicast and LOR DMX network config is set up to read E1.31


I dont full understand IP's so maybe the problem is as simple as that.







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Are you trying to control through the sequence editor?  Make sure the control panel is launched and the DMX listener is running.  Make sure "control lights" is checked.  The colored square in the lower left of the SE window should be either blue or orange, not red.

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