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How to Use Twinkle with RGB pixels


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Is it possible to use Twinkle with RGB pixels?  I'm just getting started with sequencing for pixel strings.  For a given pixel prop during a sequence, I've set their color to try and match the warm white for my standard LED strings.  When I try to set the prop to 'twinkle' the lights for effect matching a snowfall, I can only seem to get a result where the individual red, green, and blue channels start to twinkle resulting in a multi-color effect instead of the warm white twinkle for the individual pixels I was looking for.  I've tried different combinations of the background/foreground buttons but haven't found the right combo.  Any advice?

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Take a look at macros.


I've got in my notes the following:

White Twinkle
151 50
152 0
153 0
154 0
155 7
156 100
157 0



You'll probably have to play with it a bit to make sure that's the right look you are wanting.

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Snowfall? I have a vertical matrix of 8 strings. For snowfall, I went to SuperStar and created a morph of a single white pixel slowly "falling" down one string. Then cut and paste the bejeebers out of it into LOR so I had a snowfall.


For twinkling white pixels, I just went into LOR and hit full on white cells randomly over the time span I wanted.


(Check my sig for video of the snowfall.)


you can probably use a chase in LOR to create a snowfall too.

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