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Using 1602 Model 1 with LED


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A friend is offering to sell me 4 of the 1602 model 1 controllers for $100 each  or some newer model DIY boards and enclosures for $150 each but the board says "use incandescent bulbs only" and I only use LED.


Now since LED was probably not an option when these came out I am wondering if i should worry or not.


For that matter I am curious about the differences between new controllers and these ones.  Should I buy these or not, as I still need to get software etc.


Advice is MOST welcome and appreciated!



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Possibly a firmware update that would address using LED's and some of the enhanced functions like the dimming issue brought up above?  Not sure if the controller hardware would have anything to do with it, but thinking possibly there could be a firmware update that could possibly make those controllers more compatible with LED lights.

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I am not the expert here but I thought the G1 hardware would not support the firmware update for the LED curves.  Someone correct me if I am wrong

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