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Moody Christmas 2013 Videos


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Finally finished editing all the of the 2013 display videos and got them uploaded on Vimeo and linked on our website.

Every year we try to add something new to the display.

This year we reworked the Merry Christmas sign. As some might remember, 2012 was a tough weather year for us. On Christmas day 2012 we had a 75mph wind gust that took the sign off the roof and deposited it rather unceremoniously in the front yard. For 2013 we built a new steel frame and replaced the red and green C9 bulbs with 30mm pixels.


We also added 8 candy canes from HolidayCoro (pixel based), 4 leaping arches using RGB pixel strips and PEX tubing and a 12 candy cane pinwheel.


All of the 2013 video’s can be found here:




Or, on our website at:




Sandra and I want to thank everyone from the community for all the great feedback, guidance, ideas and support. We hope you enjoy our videos and if you see something you like, check the How-To section in our website. If what you’re looking for isn’t there please feel free to contact us. We love what we do and we like sharing and talking about it.


Bob and Sandra

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Turned out great! Nice job!


I, myself, have already built my candy cane pinwheel to add next year!  I've sequenced it into a few songs, but I'd I like your sequencing for Spiraling - Do You Hear What I Hear and TSO - Christmas Eve Sarajevo.  Any way you'd be willing to share the sequences?

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I would be happy to send you the pinwheel sequences.

However, the Spiraling song is a custom edit so not sure how well it would work. The TSO song is complete.

I did the sequencing in SuperStar. I can send you the SuperStar and visualizer file for the pinwheel as a standalone.



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Awesome, Bob!  PM w/ email address sent...


When you say custom edit, do you mean the original audio file was edited before sequencing?  If so, I don't think it will be a problem.  I can adjust for that.  I just liked your effects on that song.


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Thank you everyone for the comments, support and feedback.


The LOR community has always been very supportive and encouraging and we appreciate it.


We'll use January to get caught up on the web site. We also created a Facebook page but I'm not sure how long that will last...


Come February .. its back to planning and design for Christmas 2014 ..


Bob and Sandra

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Just checked your website again. Noticed you've only posted your fight song so far.

You are truly a loyal alumni ate up with it kinda guy. - Cool.

Is your wonderful Merry Christmas sign from Holiday Coro? If not, have the plans you could share. I want to add a sign and still debating RGB or not - Yours almost convinces me..

Nice job again.

Post soom more videos...


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Thank you for the kudos.. The fight song was 1 hour throw down after the SHSU Bearkats beat Villanova and moved to the semi-finals against North Dakota State (we lost last night though... :( )

It was a suggestion by Sandra, took about an hour to produce and with all the Bearkat-mania here in Hooterville ... that video has received over 3000 views and I have no idea how many Facebook posts, tweets and retweets...


The Merry Christmas sign is the 2.0 version brought online last year. The original was on the roof and fell victim to a 75MPH wind gust .... Your in OK... dont need to tell you anything about wind .. LOL .. (Pesky tornadies...)

Anyway .. there is a "How To" on our website at



The frame I designed and had a friend of mine weld up for me. The panels are in fact black coro and the pixels are 30mm pixels (and BRIGHT !! ) laid out in a 5x7 dot matrix pattern to form the letters.

If you decide on building one, let me know and I will be happy to forward you the visualizer file for it.

Any questions on it .. I'll be happy to share what I know .. (aint much .. but its there for the asking... )


Merry Christmas ..



PS... Ver 3.0 of the sign (in planning? ) is to replace the static 5x7 letters with a whole 5x7 block (35 pixels per block) that would allow me to basically do anything I wanted with it .. any text, graphics etc ...

Its a thought .. not a done deal ... I do get a LOT of comments on the sign although this year it has been overshadowed by the pixel tree.

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Awesome stuff Bob. Thanks for sharing. I may take you up on the files later. Still trying to plan next years' changes. My Mega tree is a weak link in my show. Also I want your sign. Not sure how I want to accomplish both in same year. If you do go 3.0, we may have to discuss driving down and taking 2.0 off your hands.

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