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2014 Academy Details Thread

Ryan Johnson

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As usual, we don't want to clutter up a bunch of threads and posts, so we'll be posting the details of the Academy here for everyone to see...

The Academy will be here before you know it!!

Most of us are packing-up our holiday decorations and have started thinking about 2014. As you do that, please remember that one of the most-important things you can do to support your holiday habit this year is to attend the 2014 Academy! The event is coming-up faster than you think and there are a number of things to keep in mind…

We already have over 50 classes planned, and we’re not done yet! Check-out the tracks we have planned for you:

  • The Beginner (Starting from Scratch): Want to know where to start? This series of classes will help you on the first steps of your decorating journey.
  • Hardware Options: This track will focus on hardware available for holiday decorators from commercial options to DIY solutions. We will focus-on ALL options, not just the “regulars” and will have some topics we have never covered before.
  • Software Solutions: Whether you are a “DIYer” or you use a commercial hardware option, every decorator must make a decision on how to control everything. There are a myriad of solutions out there that help you develop your display and this track will discuss each one.
  • Interactive Elements: There is more to the holiday hobbies than just turning-on lights or building the next great prop for your displays. This group of classes will focus-on how to interact with your audience, working within your community, costuming and makeup, and holding-events.
  • Lights, Lights, Lights: If it lights-up we’re going to discuss it in this track! We’ll discuss everything from incandescent to RGB, floods to ribbons, and even how to use them on your house and other props. Prepare to be illuminated!
  • Props N Projects: We’re planning some of the best sessions to show-off great props built by the best. You’ll get to see things up-close, ask questions of the builders, and hopefully get some great ideas for your own display.
So what do we need from you? A few very simple things…

Most importantly and something you should do now: GO REGISTER! The Early Birth pricing of $60 is gone BUT someone left a weird discount code in the system and our Webmaster can’t get to it until January 31st. So our loss is your gain: Use “LastChance2014” when you register and you’ll save the $10 so you still get the $60 price. But as soon as our Webmaster gets back in his seat at the end of the month that deal is GONE.

Remember too that our Early Bird giveaway drawing is on February 2nd (Groundhog day or, to many of us, Super Bowl Sunday). If you’re registered by the end of the month you are automatically entered to win a free registration so don’t miss out!

Also, we want you to get excited! Keep an eye on the website (with our new and improved Rock-N-Roll theme for 2014!) and stay up-to-date on details as they happen. If you use Twitter, follow the hashtag for this year: #2014LSHAcademy. And most importantly, be sure to visit our new Academy Facebook page. LIKE and SHARE it with everyone you know who might be excited or thinking of attending. It’s also a great place for you to keep an eye on for updates and maybe a contest or two along the way! Visit www.facebook.com/TheUltimateAcademy right now!

Second, tell those people who enjoy the hobby as much as you do. Many of you have been to the Academy before and you’ve heard the speech: The Academy isn’t a money-maker and we need registrations to come in now, not in the 30 days before the doors open. Get the word-out, share it on the various forums to which you belong, tell your neighbors who want to learn about this hobby. The more folks who come each year, the more fun we all have!

We also have a Vendor Room that is quickly filling up. These companies are coming to see you and sell you product, not just sending some door prizes. They’re commitment to the Academy is something we should all appreciate. Our vendor partners help make the Academy happen: Illumimax, Synchronized Christmas, Radiant Holidays, HolidayCoro, SanDevices, Light Show Pro, Reinders, Holiday Yard Art and more will be on hand to see you and show off their latest products.

We’re very excited about the Academy in 2014. It’s going to be another great year and we can’t wait to see you all soon!

The 2014 Academy Planning Team

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