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Servo Question


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Thought there might be a simple answer to my question.


I'm wondering what the feedback is in the 3 wires of a servo ?


Proportional  +/- value on the third wire ?


Does this so to speak "Sum" to produce an output on + and - to move the servo or what ?


My Take is that it's somewhat like a large op-amp.


Guidance please





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Huh? All the servos I've used have power, ground, and control wires. The control is a square wave. The duty cycle of the square wave determines the position of the servo.

Check out servocity.com. They have FAQs that explain a lot.

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Bob, TY for the reply, AND, fwiw, it;s YOUR "Rollie and Dan" that started me down  the servo "Rabbit Hole"  absolutely love the boys, BTW.


Greg Manning

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