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Big Lots! 75% OFF


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They've been at 75% around here going on a week now. Ive already hit them up for several leds. Yesterday I got a poor busted up grazing deer, im going to have to weld it back together, but for $5 its worth a shot.

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I hit seven stores in the last three days. I only bought Red, Purple, Blue, Pink LEDs.

I left all Multi, Warm and Cool white. There was plenty of those when I left each store which had lights.


Monday - I bought 10,000+ LEDs from Seneca, SC and Easly, SC.

Tuesday- I bought 4,000+ LEDs from Greenville, SC and Anderson, SC

Wednesday - I bought 4,000+ LEDs from Fayetteville, GA


I am done buying lights. I officially decided today was the last day that I shop for lights.

I may not need lights after Christmas next year. I bought over 50K LEDs this year. Time to update my signature line.

You guys have infected me with this sickness.

Now I have to visualize next years show and start building.


Hey - the edit button is back!


I am going to place a sign in my display which reads," Thanks BIG LOTS!"

At 75% off it helped me out.

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