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Using a MIDI Sequencer with LOR?


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I've been wanting to do a synchronized lighting display on my house for years. Being a hobbyist musician, I'm extremely used to using MIDI for various software and hardware devices. On the software side, I am using Ableton Live and Reaper. Live has a glorious time sync feature that can identify (and correct) BPM variances in recorded audio which makes me think it could be a prime choice as the basis for controlling a light display over MIDI as well. Plus, using MIDI means I could "play" my sequences live if I really wanted to.


I know various MIDI to DMX bridges exist but I don't know how to get from that to ended up synchronizing Holiday lights on the other end. I know LOR controlls understand DMX in some way, but the examples always included a computer and the S3 software.


I'll admit, the all-in-one Showtime Central Starter Package is compelling since the integrated controller avoids a computer entirely. So that's a route I'm considering, but I think my long term happiness and configurability would better center around a MIDI-centric solution.





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They make lighting dimmers that have direct MIDI input but that can be answered best on a different forum: http://www.diylightanimation.com/


The MIDI that LOR offers is for downloading a completed song from a device like a keyboard; you can assign notes to channels.

Can't be used live, unfortunately.


I tried going down that path a few years ago, hoping to program lighting channels from a keyboard instead of spreadsheet.


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