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Meeting in Sacramento part II


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For those that are coming to the meeting on the 17th in Old Sacramento, I have a few special goodies.. but you to be at the meeting to get them.


PM me if you are coming and are interested.  I will have the list together by tomorrow of what I will be bringing.. some of it is surplus to my needs and I have too much of whatever "IT" may be..   :P

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Here are a couple of meeting only specials.  You have to let me know in advance that you want them and how many.  I accept cash only.  


The RED LED sign board has no processor so you would need to make your own control.  The power supply is there.  These were made for a southern California theme park but I am guessing never used since they look brand new.  I have a few of these I will sell to meeting goers for $25 each. 


Brand new 24vdc 240watt power supplies that are UL recognized and have an actual IP66 rated. They will be $35 each instead of the $45 I am offering them for on the blogs.  If you buy a box of 5 supplies you can have them for $30 each.  (I used these supplies on my Plasma Icicles).  They also have a data board that accepts DMX in and outputs RGB but only at data levels.  I am selling them as power supplies only and I have no support for the data board.  (Schematic for the data board will most likely be available at some point, but no guarantee)


Devicenet style male chassis connectors.  Brand new.  $2 each in lots of 10. These are rated at 12 amps.  I am guessing I have about 100 of them.


40" 5 conductor Devicenet style cables.  $4 each.  (Brad connectivity)


I will only bringing those items listed above if someone PMs me, tells me they want to buy them and requests me to bring them.  I will have to know by Thur the 16th.




I may add more as we go.. just depends on the time available between now and then. 

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Today and tomorrow is the last chance to speak up if you want me to bring any of those items that I have listed for the meeting special.   I am not inclined to bring extras "just in case". 


Too much to haul around in case they don't sell.  Sorry but the sale stuff is a one shot deal for this meeting only. 


Cya all there.



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