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A different Thank You

Wayne K

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I went to lunch the other day and ordered and ate lunch as normal. As most everyone know's the waitress will lay your bill down on the table. I was nor paying any attention as there were several of us there talking. I decided it was time to get back to work. So I looked on the table for my bill and I seen a yellow piece of paper there with a mint on it.

I opened it up and it read Thank you for making my kid's happy every winter with your "house of lights". They really enjoy it!! Your lunch is on me!  :)

I said to her, you don't have to do that and she said it was the least she could do since her kids like it so much and look forward to it every year. After I left I thought to myself, I guess I didn't realize the impact this has on some people. I have had lot's and lots of comments as I live in a small town. But this one got to me a little.



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