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I think this is a dumb question...

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im not sure if im missing something but on the website (www.lightorama.com) for a 8 channel controller, it says
Channel Capacity: 8 amps per channel with heatsink installed( 16 amp triacs are used.)

Controller Capacity: Maximum of 15 amps (about 4500 mini light)

is this right? Shouldn't the controller capacity be 64 amps (8amps. times 8 channels)?

Hope someone can help



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15 amps is correct. (If it were 64 amps, you'd need a 64+amp outlet to plug it into).

Each channel is limited to 8 amps max.

So if the controller limit is 15 amps and you have one channel using 8 amps, then you'll have 7 amps left to split among the remaining channels.

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