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upgrading my show/sequence PC


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i have an older Hp quad core media pc (like from 2007 i think?) it currently has 2g of ram and a 500g hard drive with my external 1TB hard drive for backing up and audio storage and when i run the visualizer it sometimes hesitates and just yesterday i had the show stutter for a min or 2 like 3 times in a row but it panned out... i know you dont need a gamer PC or anything to run the programs but im contemplating going to a dedicated SSD drive to run LOR and all its components and im also putting in a fresh 4g of ram and possibly an upgraded video card but unsure on that right now...

i just wanted to get some others opinions and or thoughts for upgrades.

im running 32 channels and next year it will be 128 so i know i will have bigger problems as far as lag and stuttering or slowing if i dont address them now it will be a head ache lol


thanks again guys!


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My old PC died this year... Best thing in the world for my show.


I bought my wife a new Dell laptop with Windows 8 and a touch screen.

Then I took her three year old laptop and made it my show computer.

It has always been a good machine and it ran my show without skipping a beat.

Dell Inspiron I5 4GB ram 500GB 7200 RPM HDD.

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I've been running an older computer with less everything than what you are starting off with I think your lagging issue is from all the other stuff on your computer. I only run the show on my computer I turn off all the other crap that runs when on the computer and I haven't had a problem. I also take my laptop out to the driveway sometime so I can make adjustments while watching the show and it only lags when I first connect through Remote Desktop Conntection 

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