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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTbpuQzMnxA  At the end of this song are they using some sort of strobe lights in their mega tree?  If so where can I get these lights?  They also used them in the house that won the $50,000.00 on the great Christmas light fight house with over 1,000,000 lights, as well as many other great light shows.

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Yep, that's Richard Holdman's house. He is using curtain strobes and probably the same thing used on the house you are referring to on the light fight show.

Do a search here and/or on google for curtain strobes.

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Try this thread in the coffee shop... lots of info and locations there.  You'll have to choose between LED, I tube xenon, and U tube xenon.  Each have different uses.  If you want them on forever (more than a few seconds at at time) you'll want LED's.  If you want a brighter wider directional you'll want a U tube Xenon.... Read up on them then make the decision that fits your display.



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