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No CCRs... Only stringes....


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Looking for advice on the basic setup of SSS for a stringes only use.

I have two 16 channel controllers. The light layout follows LOR recommendations and I have a visualizer file.

I have almost no time in 2014 to sequence new songs and hoped the Instant Sequence feature would come to my rescue. A couple of tests this morning did not bode well. I just started use of the SSS demo with the tests I ran this morning.

Looking forward to lots of good advice.

Thanks for any and all help!

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Please send you visualization to brian@superstarlights.com The visualization will be at:

c:/ (your lightorama folder) / Visualizations / Editor

Also, please send you SSEdit.cfg file, it will be at:

c:/ (your lightorama folder) / SuperStar

Also, there are several tutorials on Instant Sequence. Go to the lightorama main page, click on "Support" then click on "Video Tutorials." The SuperStar tutorials are at the bottom.

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