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Be Gentle..First Year and learning


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You can probably tell which ones I learned to sequence first.

I have made some improvements since, but would like your input as I plan for next  year.

I really want CCR's and mini/mega trees for next year.

I have added about 8 more songs but have no video of them yet.

Oh yeah,  last year every thing was black lights and no music..

http://youtu.be/wmoAhhuDpxQ  Carol of the Bells
http://youtu.be/s9H1vr0FOFg Amazing Grace
http://youtu.be/Bw0ofLY7B0w  Music Box Dancer
http://youtu.be/xK3VpoLqdTg   Wizards of Winter 
http://youtu.be/e2Ol1a58wm8   Silent Night
http://youtu.be/tXiZqjklt9s  Charlie Brown and Linus

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Most people use 3-6 songs to keep the crowd moving. Some have as many as 30 songs. Kinda depends on your traffic.


Very good overall, but lots of visual repeating. Looks like a lot of copy and paste. Change it up a little to keep the interest.

Seems the foreground bushes all do the same thing at the same time and are probably on the same 3 channels (3 left, 3 right).

Maybe breaking them up by using more controllers.

Your five snowflakes look good but you could use more of them to dance with.


Keep up the good work.

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Carol of the Bells is my favorite,


wizards in winter.... eh


with that roof line of your house, above your icicle lights run a line of deep blue C9 or C7 LEDs if you can put this light strand a few inches above your icicle lights and with the proper song during say an orchestra hit in a song you can light up the icicle lights and 1/10th of a second later light up the blue LEDs it would give the visual your raising the roof on your house, and your house I believe this would be a really cool effect 


besides that, the summer sale for LOR is closer than you might think, a few more controllers would be nice, and a Superstar tree would fit in nicely   

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Thanks for the suggestions.    I knew 5 controllers would not do everything I wanted, but I wanted to learn the basics and next year I am planning on more.  

Since the videos I have corrected some timing errors, repeats in the sequence and added a 3 channel Bethlehem Star, and 15 more snowflakes hanging  in the trees.

Once I get more controllers I can separate more of the bushes in the front to break it up.  

I was trying to get the upper roof line lit this year but I only have a 32 foot ladder and need at least 45 feet to reach the very top.  So next year I am planning 

on getting all the way up some how.  I like the idea of the roof raising idea.   I bought lights for the roof line a week before Christmas when they were 50% off.   Now I just have to wait 11 months to use them.

I have been in contact with rainyoregonchristmas for his folding tree design so that I can try the spiral trees next year.

Traffic this year was low but we live on a newer dead end road and we are set back hidden from the road a bit. Our neighbors have 4 grandchildren that stop next door, and they were taking about Christmas lights last year so I 

really did it for them.  It was nice to see the smiles on the kids faces when the lights came on and then they started dancing to the music.

Overall I am pleased with my first attempt.  Its no where near what some of you have done but I will learn and keep adding to the display.

Keep the suggestion coming! It can only help.



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I forgot to add my 2 cents worth on the earlier post.  I was glad to see it wasn't too flashy as many newbies do and myself included.  I was able to tame down my lights a bit this year and need to make some improvements to my display to help it be more fluid.  Excellent use of what you have so far, you have a very nice house and yard.

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Well you definitely have the right canvas to get started with. I am so jealous of all of you that have snow this time of year. That is just one element you can't buy! It really adds to your display and I agree, use your bushes as beat elements, get them flashing to the lights. I always try and make my props be different parts of the song, words, or beats, or background, whatever makes it tick. Excellent start though!!!

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Snow is not always a good thing!  A couple inches is nice, 6 or more inches can be huge headaches!  Elements get covered and the light doesn't shine thru very well. The weight can topple, bend or break things.  Shoveling it creates snow piles that can block view of elements or have to move snow further away to prevent blocking elements.  Snow also dampens sound if using speakers.  So be careful what you wish for!

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Thanks for your comments.  Yes the snow looks good in pictures.  In a week when I go to take down the display I will be looking at your videos with jealousy as I try to find the extension cords buried in snow.  Temperatures this weekend are expected to be below zero, perfect time to take down the display. 

The Bushes definitely need seperating and  I will fix that next year with more controllers.  Being the first year you buy 22,000 LED's and 5 controllers and you hope that you can make an acceptable display.  So I now have more confidenance and the wife now see's why we spent the money and all the time setting things up, it will make it easier to get  more things for the next show.

Ordered 10,000 more LED's on the 2014 pre-sale, and I will have several new elements to help give more interest.  

Hope to learn or should I say use CCR's this year. I really enjoy watching the videos of the spiral trees and the 12 ribbon CCR tree's that everyone is using and want to join in on the fun.

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