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Anybody thinking of using ccb's for Arches?

big joe

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Hey all Big Joe here!! hope everybody Christmas show went off without any hic-ups!!  Was looking into building arches for next year. 


With the price of warm white lights, and the controllers and all the wire and plugs, was thinking of maybe going with the ccb's.


Was wondering if anybody has any videos of this method?


also was wanting to see if anybody has done the same then placed 4" white dryer tube over them.?


Also another possible route for me is to go with DMX control.


As I currently run Seasonal Entertainment's flood extreams and are only using 10 of the 512 chs. I have.


Thinking the CCB's would be the most time effective for me to figure out. any ideas?


                                                                                         Big Joe out.

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It's the White PEX. When doing it this way it's not as bright as the CCPs open, but it disperses the light more. There are still hot spots but that's kind of the look I was aiming for.

I might mention too that the pixels were on at 20% in the picture

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