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Use separate visualizer files for RGB and regular channels?


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I had a "best practices" question I was hoping you fine people could chime in on.


Is it best to use separate visualizer files to separate RGB channels you will be programming in Superstar and regular channels you will be programming in the sequence editor and merge them into sequence editor when finished?


I used 100% RGB this year and in playing with my 2014 display, I noticed non-RGB channels added in visualizer still show up in Superstar. Do people typically do all of their editing in Superstar since all channels appear to show up?



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I don't know if there is a 'best practice' here. I can see where one might want to do all of their sequencing in Superstar. I would think that it would depend on the display and the sequencing style of the person behind the keyboard.


I did some stuff in Superstar this year. I created a copy of the visualization, removed the non-rgb elements, and did the RGB stuff for that particular display in Superstar. Did the non-RGB in the regular Sequence Editor, and merged the two together.

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Thanks for the response Don. I could see the allure of doing everything in SSS, but at the same time would need to be aware of the channel counts and license' levels. Would make life a lot easier it seems though.

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