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How many lights per channel


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Previously when I was static i never went over 4 sets but I was wondering if you could go with 5 or 6 even more with LOR since they are not on all the time.

The longest run they are on is maybe 45-60 seconds.

I don't want to blow a fuse but still dont want to use more chanels than I have to.




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The light string limit is a function of the lights themselves and the wire size they use. Because copper prices are high, new sets use smaller gage wire and the limit is typically 3. A LOR output is good for 8 amps, so you can use an extension cord with a multi tap on the end and go out with as many sets as you want up to 8 amps, but no more than 3 connected in one series. Remember when a bulb is cold and plugged in, there is a surge current until the bulb warms up. That is what pops the fuses - the turn on surge.

Now with LED's, there is no surge and no warm up. Also normally there is a higher number of strings you can put together in series, but again, go by the manufacturer's labels.


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What radioguy said.

Plus, drawing more current through a line that it is designed for will start a fire. Stick to the threes and use splitters.


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