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Dealing with CABLES ! (Miles of them !)


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Greetings all,


Merry Christmas even (Exit stage left) LOL ! Am I showing my age ?


Dealing with cables.... I use plastic totes, and make simple "false bottoms" to lay into them to keep my cables tidy for next year, HOWEVER....


Here's the thing, I use a wrapping type called a "Studio Wrap" In the tote (because you will move it around).


Start with going around the inside ONE wrap, NOW, once you are back at the start, make "Figure Eights" in the tote, crossing the cable ONLY in the middle where the "X" happens. 


As long as you do NOT remove the cable, it will stay untangled (even if you shake the tote, or even turn it sideways). now lay a "false bottom" on that cable, and do it again, with the next one. If you fill the tote, you can even turn them upside down (don't let the lid open) the cables will stay untangled REALLY !!


When you are ready for next year, open the tote, grab the END of the top cable, and simply walk away with the end in your hand, the cable will play out, untangled, once that one is done, remove the false bottom and do the next cable, and so on, store the false bottoms in the tote for later.


This is a fantastic way for multi-cables (I have like 10 16 channel cables, over 200 feet each), plus tons of 3 and 4 channel ones, even my strobes cables (strobes left in the sockets) go in a tote, works perfect !!




Oh, BTW, the "Studio Wrap" is used in a TV studio for the camera cables by the gaffer, this way as the camera moves around they don't have to worry about the cable getting tangled. Since THEY are on the same floor and NOT moving the entire pile of cable around (like we are) they do NOT use a tote, they simply make a pile of the multi-cable (in that "figure eight" pattern) that feeds power and signal from the TV camera, and as the Camera moves around the studio, the cable plays out as needed. (the Gaffer still has to pile it up again, but at least there are no tangled cables everywhere).........




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Oh, One Other Thing (OOT)


 I use "Corplast" (The plastic Sign sheet that looks like cardboard) I simply cut it into rectangles (No need to cover the entire bottom, as long as it fits without binding, it's big enough. Don't worry if there is a small gap at the ends or edges) I simply cut them square, or rectangular as needed, lay them in as needed, from cable to cable, they are light, and quite strong.




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Great ideas.  I use an old wooden foot locker for most of my cords.  The other go in milk crates.  The 3-wire extension cords get suspended in th garage between the rafters.

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