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New to Superstar, suggestions on what to do/avoid/


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So I was going to do a pixel tree in 2 years so that i could play with superstar for a while and save up money for the lights/controllers.  i showed my dad a couple videos and he told me I am doing it next year because he could tell I was excited to play with the software and the pixel tree.  So.... now I have a little over 10 months to not only get my LOR show going, but also a pixel tree as part of it, will be my first year doing Halloween too but not using pixels for that this year.  Going to be 16 leg tree with 50 per tree.


So, my question is as I do this, those that have used it, do you have any suggestions on things that are easier to do but look good or things to avoid as they are very difficult to do?  I, obviously, want it to look really good but also have a time limit, like always.




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Rob, you've got PLENTY of time.

Superstar in particular is like Lego. The building blocks (effects) are fairly basic and not huge in number.

That sounds like an insult, but it's not. What it means is you can spend a little time playing with each one to understand the options.

Then it's a matter of creativity in how you use them, combine them, mix them etc. to your liking.

The other thing is to look at the clipboard. I didn't find most of the in built samples all that useful but it did help me get some of the concepts and inspiration.

Lastly for the pixel tree grab a sequence or two so you can see how others use it. I'm happy to flick you through a couple of mine if you want, they're not the best in the world but might give you ideas how the low level effects are out together into a sequence.

Lastly use the forums here, and I'd also suggest the chatroom at auschristmaslighting.com for quick questions.

Welcome to the fun!

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